Why He Cried This Time…

Everyone has no doubt seen those lists going around of reasons why toddlers are crying. They are so funny because they are so tragically true. We as parents don’t stand a chance in hell to keep up with the emotional roller coaster ride that is life with small children.

Kids get so invested in things that any change from their expectations or norms or any challenge to their view of the world is a body blow where the only ‘appropriate’ response is total and massive breakdown. I mean, I heard a clip on the radio this morning of a four-year-old girl whose world came crashing down when she found out that Adam Levine was married.

Well, we get many moments like this in our house. About a month and a half ago while the weather was still pretty warm we decided to visit our local pool one more time before the end of the season. Generally, when we announce such a fun activity we are met with tremendous excitement and giddiness to the point of losing all sense of control over our household. But not this time…

We told the kids we were going to go swimming and Crazy One was cool with it, but not over-the-top excited. But Crazy Two felt like it was not only the worst idea in the world, it was his duty to make sure we knew the extent to which we permanently damaged his soul by making such a suggestion. He likes the pool, too. It’s not like we had a fear of water to contend with. It was just a bad idea, in his eyes.

We finally got everyone into the van and we were off to the park for a nice evening dip in the pool. Crazy Two was still upset but he was slowly calming down. We felt like we had won the night.

But… We arrive at the park and the pool was closed. Lack of staff. Now, the kid who despised us for wanting to bring him to the pool was screaming again because he couldn’t go swimming…

Story of my life.

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