Don’t Touch Me!

On a recent family outing to one of our favorite state parks, one of the places my wife and I went on our honeymoon, we braved one of the busiest days we have ever seen at a state park. And it almost made it unbearable.

We go state parks to get away from everything. With a life as packed and busy as ours, it’s very appealing to be apart from it all. We like to be surrounded by nature – especially this time of year in this part of the country – and it is really nice to be shut off from technology for a little while, except to take pictures of our kids, of course.

But this trip turned out to be almost the total opposite of what we wanted or hoped for. It was a beautiful day and we loved being surrounded by such beauty. However, it was packed! There were so many people you could barely move on the trails. It was so loud from all of the people that it wasn’t nearly as peaceful and relaxing as it should have been.

But that wasn’t the worst of it… If you’re like me, the part you really don’t like isn’t just the volume of people or that you feel rushed at every turn, it’s the touching. That’s right, the way everyone brushes up against you or bumps into you constantly. But it gets worse when some guy with one of the tour groups who is coming towards you and as he passes by he reaches right out and TOUCHES THE BABY YOU ARE WEARING LIKE IT IS AN ACCEPTABLE THING TO DO!!!

Just a quick PSA to all of the strangers out there: Do NOT touch a baby you don’t know EVER! It’s just not OK.

We are considering getting our baby carrier embroidered to say “If you don’t know my mom and dad, DON’T TOUCH ME!”

No one will care anyway…

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