About Dad

My name is Jason Moore and I am the father of three of the most adorable kids I have ever seen, and have been since April 2010 with the birth of Crazy One*.

I am in the midst of a wild journey through life that has been made only more beautiful and complicated by the addition of my three amazing children and it is my hope to share some of the wisdom and insights I stumble upon along the way with other parents out there that are perhaps struggling to find some sense of distraction, hope, inspiration, commiseration, or reassurance from a fellow dad.

Before I go any further, I have to stop and say that I could not be the man I am or the father I hope to be without the strength and support, the leadership and partnership, or the brilliance and love of my wife Kim (aka: Mom, Interrupted). Her tireless spirit and boundless love keeps our family alive and going strong and I couldn’t do anything I do without her.

Why ‘Dad, Interrupted’?

The name came to me as I witnessed how my daily schedule had become unbalanced and I was spending so much time working and not as much time as I would have liked with my family. I used to spend an average of 10 hours a day working and commuting to and from my job, and it was not uncommon for me to work 2-3 hours a night with my freelance work. And so, my life as a dad is interrupted by the demands of the outside world. And on the flip side, as we can all relate, my other obligations and responsibilities are often interrupted by the demands of my home life.

What will you see here?

  • Mondays: I keep a collection of the weird stuff my kids say and do and draw, so I will be sure to share those as they come about.
  • Fridays: About a year or so ago, I began a series of 6-word sentences meant to guide and inspire my kids (and anyone else really) that I will be sharing here.
  • I follow a number of other “Dad Blogs” and pages on Facebook, so I will share the love and repost some things they have produced as well as other resources for dads/parents.
  • As I have receive them, I would love to have conversations with other dads about fatherhood, etc. And share them here. So, if you have anything you’d like to say, questions to ask, or whatever, send me an email to dad@dadinterrupted.com.
  • And then, of course, I reserve the right to post anything else I feel like posting at any time.

What won’t you see here?

I am not a negative person, or confrontational, so you won’t see me bad-mouthing anyone or saying anything at the expense of others, especially my wife and kids. My kids may/probably will/often do some pretty ridiculous things and I will share some of those things here in a humorous way, but I will never do it in a way that shames, pokes fun of, or makes them the butt of a joke. The same with my wife. I know there are men out there that will diminish their wives, even inadvertently, by building themselves up. I will repeat what I said before, that my wife is my partner in everything and my best friend. You will never see me direct any negativity anywhere near her direction.

*Note: For the purposes of this site and all of its incarnations, I will refer to them as Crazy One (my oldest son), Crazy Two (my middle child, youngest son), and Crazy Three (my daughter, the youngest). I don’t have any problem with sharing names of kids in a public way like this – I actually post all about them specifically, and brazenly without their consent on my personal Facebook profile all the time – but for a project that is designed for wider consumption, I thought it better to use aliases.